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Many elderly patients or patients with disabilities require home nursing services. As a part of this service, you are provided with a dedicated nurse that will come to your home to administer your medicine, change bandages as well as look after your overall health. 

At Archit Home Care Services, we provide home nursing care to ensure that you or your loved ones get the proper healthcare right in their home. All our nurses are trained as well as qualified. You can rest assured that your health will be in the right hands.

Services Provided by Our Home Nurses

Our home nurse care offers patients a wide variety of medical services. Below is a brief list of those services. 

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Administering Catheter
Our nurses help patients by administering their urine catheters and regularly changing their catheters. This service helps patients who cannot use the facilities on their own.
Administering Injections
If you are a diabetes patient, then our nurses can help you on a daily basis with your insulin injections. They also administer I/V injections, I/M injections, and subcutaneous or I/D.
Companionship Services
This service is usually for the elderly. In this service, nurses bathe the patients and administer their meals and medicines. They help invalid patients manage their basic day-to-day activities.
Intensive Care
Intensive care includes caring for patients that are on ventilators as well as patients that need oxygen administration. They also perform cardiac monitoring and BiPAP/CPAP administration.
Monitoring Vitals
Our nurses regularly monitor the patient’s temperature, blood pressure, blood sugar levels, and SPO2. It helps in getting an overview of the patient’s overall health.
Wound/Burn Dressing
Our nurses manage the dressing for post-op patients as well as patients that are recovering from burn injuries. They also do wound dressing as well as suctioning dressing.

Types of Home Nursing Care

In addition to our esteemed directors, we have a dedicated team of healthcare professionals who ensure the delivery of exceptional care

Short-Term Nursing Care

Short-term nursing care is when nursing services are provided for 1-4 hours or a specified time per the patient’s needs. Examples are nursing care needed after surgery or while recovering from an injury. The nurses that offer short-term nursing care can administer injections, change the dressing, as well as perform an ECG at home.

Long-Term Nursing Care

Long-term nursing care is when nursing services are provided for 12 to 24 hours. This type of nursing care includes comprehensive medical and physical care that patients in their day-to-day life need. It is often needed by disabled patients or those who are elderly. Long-term care nurses can offer ventilator care and perform a tracheotomy, catheter care, bedsore care, and IV lines.

Nursing Attendants

Nursing attendants can help patients with various activities at their homes daily. Their main role is to provide supportive care. But, they are not authorized to provide medical care to the patients. Nursing attendants are generally considered caregivers, offering patient care to the elderly to support them with their day-to-day needs.

Why Choose Archit Nursing Care?

Put your loved ones’ care in the hands of trusted professionals by hiring Archit nursing care. 

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