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Introduction to Elderly Patients

Elder patients typically refer to the individuals who are commonly 65 years old and more. It is categorized according to the aging process because as people tend to grow older, they will experience a lot of changes. These changes may be in their physical health, cognitive function, or overall well-being. Elderly patients usually require specialized healthcare services tailored to address age-related conditions, chronic illness, mobility issues, and more. It is necessary to provide comprehensive and empathetic care to meet the specific needs of elderly patients. Archit Home Care Services provides tailored elder care services, helping you maintain and enhance the quality of life during aging.

What Elder Care Services Does Archit Home Care Provide?

Providing compassionate and comprehensive care to older people necessitates taking into account the individual requirements as well as their physical and mental health. When caring for older people, we keep the following essential factors in mind:

Personalized Care Plans

We provide elder care services tailored according to the needs of the elders. We will develop personalized plans that address the medical needs, mobility issues, dietary requirements, and any type of cognitive challenges.

Regular Health Assessment

Our experts will help you conduct periodic assessments to monitor elderly patients and their mental health. We will help you keep track of vital signs, medication management, and any changes in their condition.

Mobility and Exercise

To keep muscles from atrophying and to preserve mobility, promote and enable proper physical exercise. Physiotherapy, mobility assistance, and easy activities can all improve the general health of older people.

Nutrition and Hydration

We ensure senior citizens are given a healthy, well-balanced diet. We will take care of all your dietary restrictions or in case you have any dietary restrictions. We will analyze your health conditions, which are crucial for maintaining good health.

Medication Management

Our caretakers will ensure a robust medication management system so that the right medications will be given to the elderly patients on time. We will review medications with healthcare providers to avoid adverse interactions.

Emotional Support

As we age, we may face emotional difficulties, including despair, anxiety, or loneliness. Provide emotional support via conversing with them, arranging social engagements, and getting them involved in fulfilling and joyful activities.

Safety precautions

Establish a secure setting to stop falls and mishaps. Put in railings, take out any trip hazards, and make sure there is enough lighting. We will examine the house on a regular basis for any safety enhancements.

Frequent Medical Examinations

Make an appointment for routine examinations with medical experts, including geriatricians. These experts can offer insightful advice on how to handle age-related health issues.

Maintaining Involvement and Communication

Allow senior patients to participate in decisions about their care. Encourage honest dialogue to address any preferences or worries they may have. They get the ability to contribute to their own well-being actively as a result.

Why Choose Us For Medical Care and Support?

Archit Home Care Services provides medical assistance in the comfort of your home, elevating support and continuous development. Several reasons compel you to choose us:

Short-Term Nursing Care

Short-term nursing care is when nursing services are provided for 1-4 hours or a specified time per the patient’s needs. Examples are nursing care needed after surgery or while recovering from an injury. The nurses that offer short-term nursing care can administer injections, change the dressing, as well as perform an ECG at home.

Long-Term Nursing Care

Long-term nursing care is when nursing services are provided for 12 to 24 hours. This type of nursing care includes comprehensive medical and physical care that patients in their day-to-day life need. It is often needed by disabled patients or those who are elderly. Long-term care nurses can offer ventilator care and perform a tracheotomy, catheter care, bedsore care, and IV lines.

Nursing Attendants

Nursing attendants can help patients with various activities at their homes daily. Their main role is to provide supportive care. But, they are not authorized to provide medical care to the patients. Nursing attendants are generally considered caregivers, offering patient care to the elderly to support them with their day-to-day needs.

Why Choose Archit Nursing Care?

Put your loved ones’ care in the hands of trusted professionals by hiring Archit nursing care. 

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